Aluminum Screen Door Kit

Model A-100 KD

Complete your screen porch with a PCA Screen Door Kit. This unassembled door kit has an adjustable width of 35 1/2" to 36 1/2" and an adjustable height of 79 3/4" to 80 3/4".

Kit Includes

  • Aluminum Frame - 5 Pieces

  • Hardware Kit

  • Standard Fiberglass Screen

  • Spline for screen installation

Shipping Size: 2 Boxes @ 86" x 4" x 4"


PCA_Screen Door Installation Instructions


Vertical Stacking Window Colors- White Vertical Stacking Window Colors- Bronze Vertical Stacking Window Colors- Clay Vertical Stacking Window Colors- Tan
White Bronze  Clay


Note: Colors shown may not be an exact match to actual aluminum colors.
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Screen Door Kit



French Door Astragal Kit

2 in 1 EZ Roller Tool

No center post needed Rolls spline and cuts screen
$95.99 $29.99


French Door Astragal EZ Screen Roller/Cutting tool