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Fairway Railing Systems


The structural railing posts can be either wood, or Fairway's FD Structural Post Mount.  Either way, select the appropriate post sleeve to fit over the structural post member.

Installation Instructions

Structural posts should be spaced to accommodate either 6' or 8' rail kits.

Cables runs cannot span more than 48" without support.

Use Intermediate Braces between structural posts for support. 

Braces available in black or anodized and include mounting hardware.  Stair braces are undrilled.

FD Structural Posts FD Structural Pass Through Posts
Threaded holes drilled @ 3 1/8" OC Non-Threaded holes drilled @ 3 1/8" OC
$212 $165.00


Intermediate Brace - Level or Stair Fairway Cable Intermediate Baluster
Drilled at 3 1/8" OC

Structural Post Deck Mount Kit  
The FD Post Mount has a mounting flange at the base.  For a stronger reinforcement under your deck, this post mount kit works perfectly.


Pre-Drilled to align with In Line Posts, Corner Posts or End Posts
Vinyl Posts Composite Post Sleeves Aluminum Post Sleeves
4x4x39" Pre-drilled 4x4x39" Pre-drilled 4x4x39" Pre-drilled
White - $37.00 White - $68.00 White, Black or Bronze
Tan - $41.67 Black - $74.67 $80.00
Khaki - $43.33    



4x4x48" Pre-drilled 4x4x48" Pre-drilled 4x4x44" Pre-drilled
White - $40.33 White - $84.00 White, Black or Bronze
Tan - $32.33 Black - $91.33 $99.33
Khaki - $47.33    




For Post Caps & Skirts Click Appropriate link below

Vinyl            FX-2 Composite        Solutions Aluminum


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