New for 2010 - LED Transformers with a 3 Year Warranty!DeKor DC LED Transformers and Accessories

Just like the rest of our products our LED transformers are the best in the business.  We offer a transformers that are:

  • Highly reliability with the longest warranty in marketplace ( 3 years )
  • Extremely clean and regulated 12v dc output
  • Over load /over voltage / over temperature / short circuit protection
  • Rated for high moisture exterior and interior installations
  • UL and CSA approved
  • Handles domestic and international current
  • Small size allowing easy hiding

EZ Transformer

DEKOR® transformers meet ETL, CE and C-Tick certification and provide quick reset time and consistent power output.

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EZ Indoor Transformer

EZ Transformer

EZMAX Transformer

EZMAX C Transformer





24 Watt 36 Watt 60 Watt 100 Watt
6' 2-Prong Chord 6' 3-Prong Chord 6' 3-Prong Chord  
The EZMAX LED Transformer is our waterproof 60 Watt 12V LED Power Supply. It is impervious to the elements and offers more power than our “workhorse” EZ transformer. The EZ LED Transformer is our waterproof 36 Watt 12V LED Power Supply. This is our workhorse transformer and will satisfy most small to medium project needs. The EZMAX LED Transformer is our waterproof 60 Watt 12V LED Power Supply. It is impervious to the elements and offers more power than our “workhorse” EZ transformer. The EZMAXC Contractor grade Transformer can be used for either indoor or outdoor applications. This transformer is for those larger projects or substantial wire runs requiring more power but is housed in a very small package. The EZMAXC LED Transformer comes with two (2) 20 foot Transformer to Plug-N-Play Connector cables.
DeKor 24 W EZ Transformer DeKor 36 W EZ Transformer DeKor 60 W EZ Transformer DeKor 100 W EZ Transformer


EZ Remote Dimmer EZ WIFI Dimmer EZ Motion Controller +




The EZ Remote Dimmer is an enhanced control dimmer designed to adjust the brightness of all DeKor low-voltage LED lighting products.  It may be installed in any new or existing DeKor system, and can be located and used to control all or any portion of the system (dimmer is installed after transformer 12v output line).  Installing multiple dimmers allows for multiple lighting zones according to your specific need.
Control your DeKor lights with this Wifi Dimmer. Download the DeKor Wifi Remote App
to control your lights with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch device. Must be installed within 100' of your Wifi router.
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Transformer Sold Separately
EZ MOTION CONTROLLER+ Timer, photocell, motion control all in one unit with remote control for manual operation or used to program the receiver.
Transformer Sold Separately



EZ Timer Low Voltage Wire EZ Waterproof Enclosure





Enclosure W/ Mounting Plate & Hinges
Simple to use - simply plug your EZ Timer into an outlet and plug your EZ Transformer into your Timer.  Settings include Off, Always On, Dusk to Dawn, or on at Dusk with 1 to 8 hour of lighting time.
Our 18-2 gauge, outdoor rated UL approved wire, is the one and only wire we recommend for use with our Illuminated systems.  100' Roll
13 1/2" W x 12 1/2" H x t 1/2" D



Gel-Filled Wire Nuts    


10 Pack