DECKING TOOLS Whether you need help bending boards or want to speed up your decking installation, we have the tools for you.
BoWrench Board Bender
Simpson/Strongtie Quik-Drive System
Hid Fast Collated Hidden Fasteners
Hanger-Buddy Joist Hanger Tool

Camo Fastening System

Tiger Claw

TC-G Gun

EDGEfast Hidden Fastening System Muro Collated Screw Drivers


  • It's the only one man, self-locking board bender and tongue and groove joining tool!
  • The Adjustable Gripper attachment handles oversized joists and timbers. 
  • The T&G Cam helps prevent damaging the tongue on 3/4", 1" and 5/4" T&G boards.
bowrench300.jpg bojoistgripper1 Bo Wrench Tongue & Groove Cam
Bo Wrench Deck Clamp Bo Wrench Adjustable Gripper Bo Wrench 1x T & G Cam
$55.25 $40.00 $51.25

1. Slip On Joist

2. Swing Handle

3. Let Go !!!

Adjusts from 0 - 6 1/2" for double jhoists or large timbers Fits Tongue thinckness up to 5/16"

FASTEST AND EASIEST HIDDEN DECK FASTENER SYSTEM YOU'LL EVER USE! - What makes the HID-fast system so fast? Pure and simple, there is NO hardware! No screws, no clips, no clamps. How about 30 seconds per board? If that sounds unrealistic, then you need to watch our videos and see for yourself. All you need is our pneumatic tool, a package of HID-fast fasteners, and a our rubber mallet that comes with the tool, and you're ready to go. Now you can install decking 5 times faster than conventional screws, or nails.
Edge-fast Tool Edge-fast Fasteners
Edge Coated - $47.55 Stainless Steel - $116.65
Includes tool & spacers 350 Pc Collated

Place it once and shoot twice!

EDGEfast locks two edges of PVC and most wood square edge decking with just one placement over joists. EDGEfast makes a positive connection of decking to joist without any lateral movement. The EDGEfast has interchangeable decking gap guides of 0, 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4". The Collated Fasteners have a stepped cross section for strength and avoid splitting the joist below.. The double point keeps a true drive at either angle pivot point.