Rain Escape is a unique product that enables you to create an indoor style living space, outdoor.  The trough and downspout design drains water away from the house allowing the area below your deck to be dry and safe from the elements. The revolutionary system is easy to install on any new deck.
The 12' and 16' (20 ML) troughs are designed for decks with 12" or 16" joist spacing. They have score marks that line up with the inside of the joist to create proper drainage. The Downspouts are placed at the end of each deck bay and are designed to fit both 12" or 16" joist spacing.

Trex Rain Escape Installation Instructions

Material Estimator

Step 1:  Install the RainEscape® Downspouts

Step 2:  Caulk Joist & Roll Out the RainEscape® Troughs (Tape can replace Caulk)

Step 3:  Cut Troughs to Length

Complete Project with Gutter & Downspout (not included)

If you have questions regarding the installation of Rain Escape, or would like honest opinions about this product Call us at 800-966-9261

Trex/Rain Escape Deck Drainage System

Rain Escape 12' Trough

RainEscape Trough


Rain Escape 16' Trough

$26.99 $33.99 



RainEscape Down Spout Rain Escape Downspout Trex® RainEscape® Standard Components  


Rain Escape Butyl Tape Rain Escape Butyl Caulk
4" Wide x 50' Roll
Can be used instead of Caulk to seal seams and custom cut pieces.
To Caulk Joist and overlapped troughs