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V110 Series- Landmarke
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V215 Series- Deckboard
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V410 Series- Legends Rails
V510 Series- Masters Rails
C310 Series- FX2 Rails
A210 Series - Slimline Rails
A310 Series- Aluminum Solutions
P310 Series- Cellular PVC
P315 Series- Cellular Deck Top
Fairway Cable Railings
Posts & Accessories



You can now build Fairway's railing kits using 316 Stainless Steel Cable instead of balusters.


Unraveling Cable Rail Systems

  • No Angle Drilling for Stairs or Bump outs
  • Entirely right hand threaded system
  • Pre-drilled post sleeves
  • 6' and 8' Cable Cross Rail Kits in LandMarke Vinyl, Standard or Contour Vinyl, Deck Board Cap Rail Vinyl or Composite, FX2 Composite and Aluminum Solutions aluminum.
Full Installation Instructions

Fairway Cable Rail Posts

1.  Select the Cable Rail Post and Sleeves    


Vinyl, Composite or Aluminum Post Sleeves over wood 4x4's or Structural FD Posts

2.  Select the top and bottom cross rail line

LandMarke Vinyl  -  Standard Vinyl Contour Vinyl FX-2 Composite  - Aluminum Solutions

Fairway Cable Fittings

3.  Select the Cable & Fittings needed  

Wood or FP Post Lags for level rails   or   Wood or FP Clevis Lags for stair rails   and   Cable Tension Fittings