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Deck Drainage systems were designed to keep the areas below raised or second story decks dry.  These systems use troughs or panels that attach to the deck that funnel the water to the outside edge of the deck.



Buy Rain Escape

12' & 16' Troughs


Butyl Tape & Caulk

Rain Escape attaches atop the joists, under the decking.  This product protects your deck framing from water damage while funneling rainwater to the outer edge of the deck.  Since the bottom of the deck is still open, ceiling fans and light fixtures can be added to the bottom of the deck. This product works best on new decks where the decking has not been fastened yet.  If the decking is already down, the only way to use this product is to take up the decking, install the system and re-deck. 12' Trough - $27.51

16' Trough - $34.05

Down Spouts - $34.05

50' Tape - $43.76

Caulk - $9.12

ZipUP Underdeck Drainage & Ceiling System

Buy Zip-Up

8', 12' & 16' Main Rails and Ceiling Panels
• Zip-UP UnderDeck™ is the best way to finish off your under deck living space.
• Installation is simple with only a few common tools.
• Zip-UP UnderDeck™ is a water tight water barrier that effectively channels water to a gutter system.
• This system provides a flat clean finish that is unparalleled by any other deck finishing system.
• No other system offers this much functionality at a low price of around $7.25/sq. ft.
Although this product works perfectly to keep the area below the deck dry and also results in a beautifully finished ceiling for the area below the deck, it is more costly than most other products. 8' Man Rail - $19.88

16' Main Rail - $39.73

8' Ceiling Panel - $31.79

16' Ceiling Panel - $63.59

12' Wall Trim - $23.33


Timber Tech's Dry Space

12' & 16' "V" Panels

12' & 16' Combo Brackets

12' Ledger Brackets

Dry Space Combo Brackets attach to the bottom of the joists.  The "V" panels fit into the Combo brackets and funnel the water to the outside of the deck.  The "V" Panels create a finished ceiling appearance. Since the "V" panels create the ceiling, no ceiling fans or light fixtures can be added to the bottom of the deck.  Also, due to shipping size restrictions, this product must be purchased from a local supplier and cannot be shipped UPS. 12' "V" Panel - $20.55

16" "V" Panel - $28.79

12' Combo Bracket - $31.59

16' Combo Bracket - $43.88

12' Ledger Bracket - $11.53

  Dry Space cannot be shipped UPS.  To find your local dealer visit Timber Tech's Website