Tiger Claw TC-Gun pneumatic screw gun

TC-G Pneumatic Gun

Works with TC-G or Timber Tech ConceaLoc, Trex Hideaway or Guardian's Ghost Grip Hidden fasteners
Gun Color may Vary

Tiger Claw's semi-automatic installation tool dramatically reduces the already-quick installation of Tiger Claw’s TC-G groove fasteners, Trex Hideaway, Guardian's Ghost Grip or Timber Tech's ConceaLoc fasteners. By using this simple but effective tool, professional builders and do-it-yourselfers can build a beautiful nail-free surface deck four times faster than they can through traditional surface screwing.

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Tiger Claw pneumatic TC-Gun


TC-G Pneumatic Installation Gun


Timber Tech ConceaLoc Fastners w/Scrails
Timber Tech CONCEALoc
900 Connectors w/ TC-G Gun Scrails
Ballistic NailScrews included

Timber Tech ConceaLoc - 30 Piece Pack
Timber Tech CONCEALoc
30 Connectors w/ 30 TC-G Gun Scrails
Timber Tech only packages their ConceaLoc Fasteners for use with the TC Gun in the bucket of 900 (above).  If you don't mind receiving them in a USPS Flat Rate Box, here's a way to to get less than the full bucket.