IG Glass Railings

Spartan IG Glass Railing Systems - LED Lighting

Illuminated Glass Railing uses unique glass mounts that illuminate an iron-free frameless glass panel.

Design Features

  • A combination of a patented designed spigot, LED lighting kit and low iron glass are required to create the illumination effect (all sold separately).
  • 2205 stainless steel.
  • Surface mount spigot (square).
  • ICC Building Code Approval  ESR-4816
  • Available in matte black.
  • Earthing point located on the base of every spigot.
  • LED lighting can be changed without removing the spigot.
  • RGB controller offers sixteen different light colors and three mode settings to choose from.
For help laying out your Illuminated Glass Raiings, send your deck drawing to info@deckbuilderoutlet.com or call 800-966-9261


Glass Panels

Spartan  IGGlass Railing Systems Spigot
  • 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Spigot walls are engineered with Honeycomb Technology for unparalleled strength
  • Integrated LED core in the base
  • Surface mounted
  • Includes matching base plate
  • Includes Mounting Shims
  • Includes steel reinforced ship plate to disperse the load of contact
  • 4mm hex head machine screws for tightening glass
  • 25 Year Warranty
Spartan IG Glass Railing Systems - LED Lighting
  • Glass Panels - 1/2" thick tempered glass for 36" railing height.
  • Low Iron Glass is stunningly clear because it contains lass than 1/20 of the iron present in typical clear glass.
  • Dramatic Edge - As its thickness increases, low iron glass gains a distinctive blue edge, while the transparency of the glass remains ultra-clear
  • Customization - Personalize your glass panels using a locally sourced etching service or glass etch acrylics.
2 Spigots needed for glass panels up to 48", 3 spigots for 54" panels. 24" Wide x 34" High 36" Wide x 34" High 42" Wide x 34" High
$141.26 $114.28 $172.42 $200.43




    48" Wide x 34" High 54" Wide x 34" High  
    $230.63 $287.61  



Light Kit


  Straight Bracket Adjustable Bracket End Clamp
Spartan IG Glass Railing Systems - LED Lighting Kit

Spartan IG Glass Railing Straight Bracket

For Straight Adjoining Panels

Spartan IG Glass Railing Adjustable Bracket

42 - 180 Degree Adjustability

Spartan IG Glass Railing End Bracket

For Last Panel attachment to structural post or wall

  • Plug and Play Design
  • 15 Colors with 4 different mode settings
  • WIFI capable Adapter available

Kit Includes:

316 Stainless Steel Brackets in Matte Black for connecting Glass Panels to each other or to outside post or wall.
$61.38 $66.66 $47.23



  • 1 Transformer
  • 16 LED Leads
  • 16 LED Lights
  • 16 Light Extensions
  • 1 Antenna Signal
  • 1 Remote
  • One Year Warranty
Spartan IG Glass Railings - Lake View


WIFI Adapter

Control Lighting through WIFI control





Spartan IG Glass Railings - Mountain view