Simpson Drill 'n Drive
Our new #7 Drill 'n Drive makes pre-drilling, countersinking and driving screws easy - all without having to re-chuck your drill - just drill, release, flip, lock and drive. The tool features a built-in hex key for replacing or changing driver and drill bits as well as adjusting pilot hole depth. A 1/8" replacement drill bit and our new T-15 and #1 square driver bits are included. Made in the U.S.A., with a limited lifetime warranty.



Eb-Ty Hidden Deck Fasteners
Model Deck Thickness Wood Type Eb-Ty /Screws/Plugs
EBE002 1 1/2" 2x Material 175/190/12
EBE004 1 & 1 1/4" Ipe, Cedar 175/190/12
EBE004 w/Torx Screws S.A.A. $11.45 additional 175/190/12
EBE005 1 & 1/4" Kiln Dried Mahogany 175/190/12
EBE005 w/Torx Screws S.A.A. $11.45 additional 175/190/12
EBE006 3/4" Kiln Dried Brazilian Redwood 175/190/12
EBE007 3/4" Ipe, Cedar 175/190/12
316-TS 1" Composites 175/190/10
316-TT 1" Timber Tech 175/190/10
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