Builder Bucks Reward Program

Builder Bucks Reward Program gives you an instant rebate for every dollar spent at Deck Builder Outlet that can be used for future purchases.  Your rebate percentage grows as you hit new plateaus in dollars spent (see table below). To enroll in this no cost program, simply fill out and submit the enrollment form below.

Builder Bucks Reward

Dollars Spent Rebate Percentage Dollars Earned
$1.00 - $1,999 1% $.01 - $19.99
$2,000 - $4,499 2% $40 - $89.98
$4,500 - $9,999 3% $135 - $299.97
$10,000 + 4% $400 +


Program Rules
1.  After making a purchase, you will be e-mailed a receipt of you payment.  Simply forward this e-mail to and request that the total be added to your running total.
2.  Deck Builder Outlet will calculate your current rebate percentage and dollars earned after each sale.  You will be updated as to your current balance available for your next purchase. (shipping charges are not included in calculating rebates)
3.  To use your rebate, e-mail or telephone Deck Builder Outlet of your intent and you will be either issued a coupon code which can be entered in your shopping cart page or issued an immediate rebate for telephone orders.  Cashing in your rebate returns you to $0.00 on your yearly spending running total.
4.  Your Rebate Percentage will be based on all purchases made, regardless of when your purchase was made.

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