BellAire Bird Feeders

Bellaire Bird Feeders

Premium Quality - Beautiful Design

Bellaire Bird Feeders are manufactured with Western Red Cedar and hand painted.  Superior design features allows for the top finial to be lifted off to gain access to the acrylic feed tube. The feeder has a built in wood bracket on the bottom that can be secured to a wood 4 x 4 post.  Recommended location of the post would be 8' to 10' above ground to offer the birds safety from predators.  The post should be installed 2' below grade or anchored to a concrete pier for stability. The feeder should be located approximately 15' away from trees or tall structures to minimize access by squirrels (even though they seem to be able to find a way to any birdfeeder).  Bird seed falls through the opening in the radius part of the acrylic tube onto the perforated aluminum bottom that will hold the seed, but allow rainwater to drain through. 

Overall size:  30" H x 15 1/2" W x 15 1/2" D (roof size)


BellAire Bird Feeders
Bird Feeders and birdhouses Bird Feeders and birdhouses Bird Feeders and birdhouses
4 x 4 Mounting Bracket Acrylic Tube & Aluminum Floor Top Finial Chained to Interior

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